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                                ABOUT SAMANTHA HELLER MS RDN
Health expert, media expert, consultant, motivational speaker, and author Samantha Heller is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian/nutritionist and exercise physiologist with a dual Master of Science degree in nutrition and applied physiology from Teachers’ College, Columbia University. 
Samantha is a senior clinical nutritionist at NYU Langone Medical Center's Center for Musculoskeletal Care and Sports Performance Center where she works with patients & athletes to optimize health & performance.
Samantha's popular Health & Nutrition Show on SiriusXM's DOCTOR Radio airs live every Friday from 12-2 p.m. ET.  Her newest book,  “THE ONLY CLEANSE”, Countryman Press 2015, landed on shelves in May 2015 and was instant hit.  The Only Cleanse: A 14 Day Natural Detox Plan to Jump Start a Lifetime of Health.
Her best selling book GET SMART: SAMANTHA HELLER'S NUTRITION PRESCRIPTION FOR BOOSTING BRAIN POWER & OPTIMIZING TOTAL BODY HEALTH was voted a best read by the Huffington Post. It is the only medically peer reviewed, reader friendly, fun, and practical health & nutrition book on the market today.
Samantha is a favored health expert on shows such as Dr Oz, CBS This Morning, Today Show, Better Connecticut, NY1 News & more. She is the go-to expert for health & medical press such as HealthDay, Prevention,, Huffington Post et al. She speaks all over the country at events as a keynote presenter and lecturer at companies including the GE Global Leaders Meeting, Cooper Companies Wellness Summit, Cincinnati Reds Organization, Unilever, The American Heart Association, NASDAQ and The 92nd Street Y in NYC. Samantha shares her health expertise as a consultant, writer, researcher & media spokesperson with companies such as Pfizer, Merck, KIND and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.
Regarded as specialist in the fields of clinical nutrition, health, medical nutrition therapy - including expertise in diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, weight management, obesity, wellness, stress management, sports nutrition, exercise and fitness, Samantha is a highly sought after health expert, media consultant, spokesperson, educator, writer and keynote speaker.

Samantha Heller MS RDN CDN

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News flash: Your body already knows how to detox; you just need to turn on the right cues to make it happen. Here's how, with a 14-day, science based, plan that will change your life forever.

Time to detox and cleanse? Don't go with a fad diet that makes promises you can't keep (all juice, all the time—sound familiar?). Instead, turn to Samantha Heller for a program that really works. Heller uses a five-pronged approach that covers diet, stress, emotions, exercise, and sleep. She also reviews existing detox plans and explains the pros and cons, further emphasizing why her plan is the only one you need.

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Another fantastic review of The Only Cleanse sent to me by email from a college professor:

"I LOVED LOVED LOVED your book! I read it on our drive [from the Northeast to Ohio], and kept reading excerpts to my husband. I gave my copy to my sister to read and my mom is starting on hers. Brava!"

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